"Professional and affordable! When your cloth's aren't drying these guys will fix it. Most of the time its a blocked vent and not a dryer issue. You need to have your vent cleaned frequently to avoid build up and potential fires. This company is very trustworthy and honorable. I'd recommend them to anyone.

Aaron Huffman"


 "I highly recommend this contractor. His response was very fast,his price was as stated once complete,He did everything he stated he would do. The workman ship was top rate. Band clamps,and foil tape used with a flexible metal hose. All lint was vacuumed from the dryer and vents. I also had the washer hoses replaced with the braided hose kit offered from this contractor. I will use them in the future and recommend them to family. Sincerely,Phil Maconi  "


 " Thanks for cleaning the vents for me and my mom yesterday. I also appreciate what you do for all of us as a firefighter. I posted about you and your business on my FB page. I hope it brings you more business. Have a fabulous day! Donna P  "



"After pricing a new dryer as my clothes took what seemed to be hours to dry, I decided that prior to purchase I would start out with clean vents. Not only was I amazed at how quickly my appointment was scheduled, I was delighted during the cleaning process to have all of my questions answered. As we only closed on this home a few months ago, we never imagined that the dryer vent needed attention. 

This is a mixed blessing - I was looking forward to a new dryer with a steam cycle - however, now having a dryer that actually dries clothes in less than 40 minutes (compared to hours), I feel like I won the lottery!!! 

Professionally I am a Realtor. With this said, I will now give the gift of vent cleaning to all of my 

home buyers. Not only to save on electric bills, reduce frustration waiting for clothes to dry (oh yes, and having to buy a new dryer) - and not have to worry about causing a fire due to built up of lint in my vent. 

This is without a doubt, the best service I have ever had done. Not only will I tell all of my neighbors about Vent Solutions, I will tell everyone I know. Thank you so very much!!! Kathy S"



"We had a wonderful experience with Vent Solutions! Their service was exceptional and as a result, we have already booked our half-yearly maintenance. I would absolutely recommend this company to any of our family or friends. It's comforting to know that these firefighters are saving lives without having to put out fires:) Thanks Vent Solutions!" 

Haven B"


  "I called Vent Solutions in March of 2013 looking for my dryer vent to be cleaned - I had never before used a vent cleaning service, so I didn't know what to expect. Steve arrived within a very reasonable time and even gave me a call ahead so that I could meet him at my home from work! He was very professional and friendly and worked very quickly! I couldn't believe how jammed up my vent hose was with lint! Steve was very informative and knowledgeable of the hazards of dryer vent build up, so you can bet I will be calling every year from now on to have my dryer cleaned!! Great service, Great price, and wonderful experience! Thank you Vent Solutions! Joanna S



"What a wonderful company! Arrived on time,very professional and courteous. He ended up cleaning the dryer vents of two of my neighbors in addition to my home. We will be using him again very soon.

Monika Factor"