Transition Hose Replacement

Foil (Slinky

Most commonly used but least recommended 

Semi- Rigid

Dryer manufacturer recommended. Will take up more space behind dryer.

Rigid Pipe Free Estimate

Often difficult to install due to space.But if it can be done it is highly recommended. 

Dryer Flex

 Constructed with all aluminum ribbon, DryerFlex fire-rated duct is as flexible as "slinky" foil flex yet stronger than semi-rigid aluminum, making installation easier and every laundry room safer. Quite simply, DryerFlex provides the best functionality of the old transition ducts without any of the defects. DryerFlex always maintains its four inch diameter whether fully extended or compressed. This smooth interior allows the dryer to perform at peak efficiency. It's strong aluminum ribbon protects against crushing and flamespread. Choose DryerFlex for exhaust duct that's safe, efficient and easy to install